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Coping Strategies for Mental Health in Covid-19 Pandemic
 Dr.Parika Tanwar, Dr.Vandana, Dr.Hitender Gautam & Dr. Amit Sachdeva
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),24-27 | April 28, 2020 :
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Behavioral Symptoms in Mild Cognitive Impairment and In the Early Stages of the Alzheimer's disease: A Narrative Review
 Francesco Raudino
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),5-14 | Feb. 28, 2020 :
 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub
Behaviourism & Astrotheology
 Paul T E Cusack
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),15-16 | Feb. 28, 2020 :
 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub
Melatonin & Schizophrenia
 Paul T E Cusack
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),20-21 | Feb. 28, 2020 :
 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub
Stuttering Mechanism
 Paul T E Cusack, BScE, DULE
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),17-19 | Feb. 28, 2020 :
 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub
Covid 19 and Stigma
 Dr. Neha Patyal & Dr. Chitvan
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),22-23 | Feb. 28, 2020 :
 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub
Critical Discourse Analysis of Discontinuity of Life in Twilight in Delhi by Ahmad Ali
 Farah Qamar
 SAR J Psychiatry Neurosci;2020:1(1),1-4 | Feb. 28, 2020 :
 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub

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