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Feb. 29, 2020

 Efficacy of the herbal hepatoprotector in patients with coronary artery disease after PCI

 Abdullaev A.Kh., Alyavi B.A., Azizov Sh.I., Iskhakov Sh.A & Karimova D.K.

 DOI : N/A | SAR J Med; 2020, 1(1);1-5

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Research Article

Feb. 29, 2020

 Home Based intervention for Mothers' Perception about Hepatitis A Virus

 Magda M. Mohsen, Amal A. El-Abbassy and Amira N. El-Abd

 DOI : N/A | SAR J Med; 2020, 1(1);6-17

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Research Article

Feb. 29, 2020

 Co- relationship Between Nutritional Intake and Anthropometry of Under Five Years Children of Kathmandu, Nepal

 Renu Khadka, Mandira Tamrakar, Kushalata Baral, Suraksha Subedi, Sudip Khanal & Maginsh Dahal

 DOI : N/A | SAR J Med; 2020, 1(1);18-24

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